Schedelvreter – Hunker (Tear Apart Tapes) [MW034]

Minimal Wave announce a limited edition hand-silkscreened 10” release of Schedelvreter aka Danny Bosten, originally recorded and released in 1985 on Tear Apart Tapes (NL). Danny tells the story of how he recorded these tracks: “I had been making these repetitive, pattern-based Das Ding songs and felt the need to do something a little different. Something more organic, with a narrative structure to it. Reading Shelley’s Frankenstein at the time, and looking at old accounts of Spanish explorers in the Americas, inspired me to make what I imagined as the soundtrack to an imaginary movie: bleak and desolate. I had a Crumar synth that was falling apart, and if you held down a chord and switched it off and then back on, the voltage would drop so the tones became individual blips that sounded like human voices. I made some massive drum sounds by layering noise, used leftover four-track additions in reverse, and included some drums I found on a tape my brother had given me. I just layered it all on the four-track and played along. It made a nice little package of about seven pieces, so I made up a name for it, “Schedelvreter,” which translates as something like “Skull Gobbler.” The tape was released in 1985, but only a few were made at the time.”


Schedelvreter – Hunker (Tear Apart Tapes) [MW034]

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