Gesloten Cirkel – Submit X [M-X]

Returning to Viewlexx sub-label Murder Capital, Gesloten Cirkel is ready to serve up a full-length album, Submit X. Russian mystery man Gesloten Cirkel has caused quite a stir with his releases on this label as well as Moustache Techno Series and Berceuse Heroique – it is often weird, twisted music that fuses acid and techno and electro into brave new forms. This new album continues in that tradition across ten new cuts. Right from the off Gesloten Circkel spits out the jams – opener ‘Zombiemachine Acid’ is built on a corrugated bed of beats, has slapping percussion and a sharp acid line. After the same track without the acid line comes ‘Submit X’ with its into fractured, loopy sounds and layered up vocal snippets. For unsettling, dark and droning ambient check ‘Stakapella’, or the same sketch with a distant electro beat on ‘Stakan’. ‘Chatters’ is then a grimy post punk electronic track with whirring melodies, malfunctioning synths and plenty of dirt in its make-up and the latter part of the album touches on more paranoid electro, nagging and unsettling techno and whip-snapping acid tracks. Truly unique, esoteric and idiosyncratic, this album is as unpredictable as you would expect from someone like the enigmatic Gesloten Cirkel.


Gesloten Cirkel – Submit X [M-X]

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