Steve Murphy – Mira Electronics [LT056]

Steve Murphy returns to Lobster Theremin for his debut solo album, curdling a molten mixture of metallic tones and stomping rhythms all culled from the electro, new wave, EBM and italo worlds. Cold wave spoken word vocals shimmer, holla and wail from the depths of an 80’s basement studio (Connessione Europa, Digital Fix Today); stomping italo rhythms take off with a flourish and wash, as they’re bound onto the surface of poly synth dreams (Space Train, Mira Electronics); bastardised modular squelches and blips reveal a hidden underground lab (Ray Gun); modem-bleeping electro machine-worx and on-the-run basslines from 2125 (Disappointed, The Truth, Again); the end, when it comes, is a slow play-em-off jam. An italo electro elevator them tune gently carrying us up to a formerly erased dystopian level of this monolithic brutalist cuboid.


Steve Murphy – Mira Electronics [LT056]

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