SΛRIN – Moral Cleansing [BITE010]

SARIN, the A/V industrial technoid electronics project of Emad Dabiri, releases his first ever full-length album ‘Moral Cleansing’ on BITE. Dabiri advances his sonic identity by leaps and bounds through his application of subtle pop and electro elements with a greater focus on groove and melody, syncopated basslines, FM synthesis, and his signature cut-up sampling. The album showcases SARIN’s core elements as one of the main influencers in the current EBM techno wave with his brutally minimal sequences and abrasive drum programming. ‘Moral Cleansing’ is the result of Dabiri’s obsessive channelling of historical/geopolitical events, referencing past horrors & conflicts while also hinting at those that may come. He pulls samples, themes, and inspirations from forgotten atrocities and some that even resonate personally with his childhood growing up in wartime Iran.


SΛRIN – Moral Cleansing [BITE010]

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