Franck Kartell – Electric Sheep EP [LDI002]

Newly launched Dutch electro label LDI Records follows up their first release from T/Error with a deep and dark four track EP by French producer Franck Kartell. In a homage to masterful science fiction writer Philip K Dick – Side A of Electric Sheep EP evokes scenes from future mechanized worlds. Electric Sheep kicks the 12″ off with a melancholic and contemplative moment followed by a steel cold and brooding venture in Voigt-Kampff. On the B side of this release, there is a live mix of Kartell’s track Electro Music, a futuristic electro work out with kicks for the dancefloor. The EP completes with Victoria – an ode to the electronic musician Victoria Lukas who passed away in 2020 – with a beautifully poised and contemplative track steeped in synths. Franck Kartell is a French producer who has releases on Between Places, Transient Force, Ukonx Recordings, New Flesh, Bass Agenda and others. Since 2005 he has been producing well thought-out Electro music filled with dark atmospheres and driving rhythms. Specializing in moody, atmospheric electro, LDI Records (Lloyd’s Dark Imperium) are an essential label to watch.


Franck Kartell – Electric Sheep EP [LDI002]

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