Boris Divider – Generative Operations 3 [DCOM018]

BORIS DIVIDER - Generative Operations 3

Spanish label Drivecom presents the third and last episode of the Generative Operation series by Boris Divider. Completing the same style and vision, cinematic, technical and minimal concept trying to push forward a contemporary electro in our days. Evolving synth lines with a generative structure from new massive modular patches. Progressive minimalistic rhythms and sequenced tracks with different results as always elements can change every time they are played back again as a unique listening. A rare topic this time is that two 303 basslines have been addedd in the track GenOp10, they are interlaced with different step lenghts patterns as a tribute to put this classic synth from roland into a spacey environment and not always in the raver side of the music. The limited edition vinyl has been pressed in 180gr. keeping up theanalog character sound in this format, meanwhile the digital version will be a clearer and clinical one.


Boris Divider – Generative Operations 3 [DCOM018]

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