The Third Man

Although The Third Man (Toby Leeming) is a born and bred Londoner, his musical roots lie in Scotland where he lived for 4 years whilst studying at University. During this time he met dj’s, producers and promoters and not happy just watching others play their trade he started to teach himself how to dj. On borrowing a friends laptop with a copy of Reason on he began to explore the capabilities of music programming and digital sounds.

Surrounded by regular techno nights featuring the likes of Stephen Brown, Neil Landstrumm, DJ Rolando and many more his taste was very much slanted towards all things techno and particularly the classic Detroit sounds. However after many all night trips to the Arches, it became apparent that north of the border people liked their music that little bit harder and this was something Toby couldn’t resist embracing taking to the more industrial sounds of Surgeon, Monolake and minimalist legends such as Robert Hood and Jeff Mills.

TTM01 – Some Star Based Shite
1. Luna 24
2. Alioth
3. Messier 101

Download TTM01

TTM02 – Come Get It
1. Come Get It
2. Organ Acid
3. The Cybernauts

Download TTM02

TTM03 – Electro
1. Tron Disco (Live)
2. 808s & 303s

Download TTM03

The Third Man

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