The Hipodrome of Music is a blog dedicated to electronic music, born in Hipodrom quarter from Sibiu (Hermannstadt), Romania, meant to unearth the quality side of electronic music. Hipodrome also started to promote electronic music organizing events in Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest and Berlin.

In previous years we had the honor to have guests like Mick Wills (Stuttgart), Traxx (Chicago), DJ soFa (Brussels), Intergalactic Gary (The Hague), John Heckle (Liverpool), Delta Funktionen (Berlin), Credit 00 (Leipzig), Chino & Olivia (Krakow), Baz Reznik (The Hague), An-i aka Lee Douglas (Berlin), DJ7 (Paris), Joshua Cordova (Austin), Pasiphae (The Hague) or talented Romanian DJs as Das Komitee, Dragos Rusu, Lektronikumuz, Masstyk, Alexandru Jijian, Romansoff, Alexandra, Dannilov, Yaghee, Seme, Absolem or Virgil and our friends from Sibiu, Toygun and adub.

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