Reggie Dokes – The Golden Years EP [DEEPEX018]
The Golden years EP represents the special tribute that Deep Explorer make to Psychostasia Records, one of the most influential labels of the underground house of this age. The EP opens the fire with Reggie Dokes that plays with the tribal electronics in his completely new song called “Mother Africa” and its exactly what the title suggest, a tribal journey through the machines into the continent. In the same side the EP continues rescuing a lost track from Eric Johnson planned for a new Psychostasia but because the big pause of the label in 2006 the precious rhodes and tribal percussion of “In 2 deep” never saw the light. In the B side we afront the personal tribute that Dubbyman makes to the Psychostasia label creating two remixes but in a different way never seen before; taking samplers from many songs included in the Psychostasia catalogue to create new collage versions from one of the first songs edited in Psychostasia in 2001: the classic “Black thoughts” and “Mother africa” the ultimate song from Reggie Dokes. The first one called “deep in the hole mix” rides the 4×4 rhythm into a neverending deep climax. The “tribute mix” pitch down the tempo in a kaleidoscope of different sounds like a musical collage. Of course that the remixes are a wink to the Psychofans but also is a perfect time to discover the sound …through Deep Explorer….


Reggie Dokes – The Golden Years EP [DEEPEX018]

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