One thought on “Basic Soul Unit – LWE Podcast 39

  1. Tracklist:
    01. Lawrence, “Miles” [Mule Electronic]
    02. Thomas Brinkmann, “Isch” (Soulphiction Remisch) [Petite]
    03. Rainer Trueby, “Ayer’s Rock” [N/A]
    04. Blagger, “Strange Behaviour” (DJ Koze Aka Swahimi Remix) [Perspectiv]
    05. Kris Wadsworth, “Mainline” [Hypercolour]
    06. Mr Raoul K, “Wind Of Goree” [Mule Musiq]
    07. Will Saul & Tam Cooper, “3000AD” (I:Cube Dub Mix) [Simple Records]
    08. A.D.P., “Prototype” [Kunstkammer*]
    09. Brendon Moeller, “Hustle” [REK’D]
    10. Willie Graf & Tuccilo, “Snerata” [Circus Company]
    11. Levon Vincent, “Air Raid” [Ovum Recordings]
    12. Kris Wadsworth, “Warm Midnight” [Dark Energy Recordings]
    13. Andreas Saag, “Jazz Lapse” [Room With A View]
    14. Legowelt, “Police 303″ [M>O>S Recordings]

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