Russ Gabriel – Returning Home EP [DA013]

We are delighted to welcome the mighty Russ Gabriel to ever expanding Dieb family and have him contribute this excellent 3 track ep to our catalogue. Fans of Russ’ sound as well as the uninitiated will not be disappointed here as there is a very wide stylistic audio palette on display here-yet still retaining Russ’ quintessential production aesthetic and quality. Ranging from the epic, old school “Returning Home” with it’s haunting pad and melodious bass arpeggios to the stripped back chugging tech house workout of “Push It Along” and the futuristic, techno-infused “Narita Express” with it’s modulating stabs and catchy, repetitive bassline it is easy to see why Russ is and has always been considered a unique and exciting music visionary equally capable of creating harmonic, atmospheric soundscapes or high energy, functional beats aimed squarely at the dancefloor.


Russ Gabriel – Returning Home EP [DA013]

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