Reggie Dokes – Untill Tomorrow [Royal02]


After his big release on the Clone Loft Supreme Series, and great tracks on Prime Numbers and Philpot Mr Dokes is back in the spot lights. Here another intense three track ep with tracks that ll give you goose bumps all over. With his special way of programming, his dramatic strings and light piano play and shuffling house beats this is one of those artists with a special musical finger print that one recognizes out of thousands. A rare talent which puts more value on playing with his moods and emotions instead of aiming in straight dancefloor power. This 12 is building on what he started with the Chicago Pimp release… Pure house tracks with a deep irresistible drive combined with joyful keys and seductive strings. Some magic tracks from Mr Dokes!


Reggie Dokes – Untill Tomorrow [Royal02]

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