One thought on “Mike Huckaby – LWE Podcast 50

  1. Tracklist:

    01. Liaisons Dangereuses, “Avant-Après Mars” [Roadrunner Records]
    02. Udek, “Unknown” [white]
    03. Lil Louis, “Frequency” [Dance Mania]
    04. Virgo, “Free Yourself” [Trax Records]
    05. Fingers Inc., “Distant Planet” (Club Mix) [Jack Trax]
    06. Chuggles, “I Remember Dance” [Prescription]
    07. House To House ft. Kym Mazelle, “Taste My Love” [Clone Classic Cuts]
    08. Norma Jean Bell, “Do You Want To Party?” (Kenny Dixon Jr. Mix) [Pandemonium]
    09. City People, “It’s All In the Groove” [Rainy City Music]
    10. Moodymann, “The Third Track” [KDJ]
    11. Jungle Wonz, “The Jungle” (Jungle Mix) [Trax Records]
    12. Glenn Underground, “Black Mental Resurrection” (Mental Piano Dub)
    [Life Line]
    13. Blaze, “Klubtrance” [Slip ‘n’ Slide]
    14. Soofle, “How Do You Plead?” [Fragile Records]
    15. Mr. Fingers, “Slam Dance” [Alleviated Music]
    16. DeepChord, “Electromagnetic Dowsing” (Mike Huckaby S Y N T H Remix)
    [S Y N T H]

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