Hipodrome Podcast 001 – Toygun


Here is the starting point for the podcast series. The first mix is from Toygun, a young dj from Hermannstadt , Romania. He delivers a 2 hours mix with more than 40 chicago, electro, disco and italo tracks.
I hope you enjoy it, I certainly did.


Tell me a little bit about your mix, how, when, where, why you made it like you did, and if there was any theme?

The idea was to make it like what I would usually play at  our small parties here in Sibiu, a blend of electro, acid,  chicago, disco & of course  italo disco, the records that  stand out… the “creme de la creme”.
It’s an homage to our long lost parties where I played here in my hometown.

When did you first begin making music, what inspired you to get started?

I think I started making my first tracks in 2002 or  something like it, I think I was 15 then. I felt the urge of  making music and playing with notes and sounds. Everything  was very distorted and crunchy… still is nowadays.

Where did the name Toygun come from?

I guess I was looking for one original name … being very young the name Toygun seemed to have suited me perfectly and sounded very elektroclash lol

Did you have any musical mentors, or people who helped you figure out the process of making music and are there any contemporary producers that you’re particularly digging?

I don’t know where to start from…inspiration is all around  us.
As a dj, I think Mick Wills was the one that firstly opened  my eyes and helped me discover a whole bunch of great music  that was out there. I must say I was blown away the first  time I heard Mick play. I should also mention here mister Das Komitee and his XXL record collection.
I can’t pick any contemporary producer, but I would say the  whole dutch scene was very big for me and still is nowadays. The west cost that is …

Who are a few of your favorite DJs and why?

I-F, Mick Wills and Das Komitee for the reasons above mentioned and there more but it’s hard to choose and just pick some names.

Who were the key dance artists for you when you started collecting records?

Well here are some names that i remember and are currently in  my dusty record collection: Alden Tyrell, The Flirts, Patrick Cowley, Giorgio Moroder, Space, Charlie, Dharma, Visage, Divine, Alden Tyrell, Alexander Robotnick, Legowelt, Model 500, Alden Tyrell, oh did i mention Alden Tyrell ?! and many more…

Being someone whose music is so diverse, do you keep up with all the sub genres dance music has split into?

There is so much music being released nowadays u can’t keep up with one sub genre… how can you keep up with all of them?
I’m trying to focus on the things I like the most and try to  find the few of those records that worth being played.

What do you listen to besides electronic music?

Nothing. Next question!

What is your favorite food?

Cremwursti with mustard.

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Hipodrome Podcast 001 – Toygun

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