8 comments on “Hipodrome Podcast 003 – Das Komitee

  1. Tracklist:
    1.Larry Heard – Missing You
    2.Master CJ – Face It
    3.Steve Summers – Lucid Fingers
    4.Traxx – Enka
    5.Disco Nihilist – Easy
    6.Leron Carson – China Trax 2
    7.Traxx – XTC 4 LOVE(ft James T Cotton)
    8.Reggie The Movemaker – Get Your Money Man
    9.Maurice Joshua – Big Dick(Instrumental)
    10.James T Cotton – On Time
    11.Kyle Hall – Tomorrow is the day
    12.Roberto Auser & Alden Tyrell – Blondes & Brunettes(Alden Tyrell Mix)
    13.Tevo Howard – Laboratory
    14.J.T.C. – Basturma Highway
    15.Droids – Shanti Dance
    16.David Zed – I Am A Robot
    17.Cheaps – Moliendo Cafe
    18.Ron Hardy – Sensation(Lond Mix)
    19.Duke Lake – Do You
    20.East Wall – Eyes of Glass
    21.Gwendolyn – Come To Me(Long Mix)
    22.Lama – Love Is On The Rocks(Disconet Remix)
    23.Munich Machine – Space Warrior

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