One thought on “Duplex – Field Recording 012

  1. tracklist:
    trickski | sunshine fu*k part 1
    madteo sinister ministers | sheepdipping
    intentional | the black lagoon
    submersible machines | cold seep
    rené et gaston | merluche ideale
    jitterbug | speakers corner
    dj rasoul | deep in the bay
    conforce | digital affair
    john daly | voyager
    larry heard | mercurian funk
    john tejada | distilled
    cobblestone jazz | 5th element
    theo parrish | reaction to plastic
    claro intelecto | peace of mind | electrosoul
    chateau flight | ongaku
    kraftwerk | musique non stop
    as one | if it aint broke
    moonstarr | detriot
    aaron carl | down
    photek | mine to give
    gwen guthrie | 21 hopscotch dub | larry levan remix
    roman IV | green tea
    sluts’n’strings & 909 | civilized
    mr. fingers | washing machine
    duplex | am depth
    sound stream | makin’ love
    andres | reality
    barbara mason | another man
    random factor | broken mirror
    abstract thought | synchronized dimensions

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