Hipodrome Podcast 005 – Thommy


Thommy is one of the few djs promoting the underground movement in Cluj-Napoca. For the last 5 years, he was involved in different projects that focused in promoting parties with good music and quality people. He presented us two mixes with two different attitudes, both showing some quality techno.

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For your Mind

and Body

Tell us something about your podcast, how it was done and why did you choose to have it in two parts?

I’m not much of a storyteller although I know creative stories about continuity in mixes and transmission of certain feelings, of course that will not be told by me here!  This podcast and any such recording is a moment in time captured on a carrying surface which playedback at any time reflects somewhat from the state of mind of that certain moment. Music is the rhythm of life and at that moment this was my rhythm ! That’s the main reason for having two parts also, fell my rhythm !

You are buying records and djing for about 5 years. How did you start and why did you want to be a dj?

Yeah, I buy records from time to time, mainly rare imprints, timeless stuff, trippy dub cuts, limited editions, represses. I don’t really know how I started, it just came to me as a logical step to  deejay the tunes i like,  I was in need of progression, because techno music is all about that ! First you listen to it, then you get into it and you decide to go further with it !

You, sometimes, play some very happy music and other times you make pretty dark sets, playing from italo and disco to dubstep and dark techno. Please describe you style and what influenced you during these years.

My style is pudding ! You never get the same taste in your mouth, sometimes you add to much sugar sometimes you don’t; sometimes your milk doesn’t see the cow at all, sometimes it does; sometimes you use a different brand of pudding powder. Things are never the same, so are my sets and the tunes I choose to play. During these years and all my life I was influenced by my ear and it’s  interpretations of all vibrating things in range and good pudding of course.

Name some of your favorite djs/producers and comment why do you appreciate them?

I  really like Rhythm & Sound very much because of the deepnes and spaceyness, massivenes of theyre sound. Mathew Jonson would be another name to mention because he’s just great ! Going back in the dubzone another favourite: Atheus for the same reason, I can feel spaceyness in his sound. Hard to answer this question since I opened myself to a wide range of genres from psychedelic to downtempo and back.

You are/were involved in a number of projects in Cluj-Napoca: Stereo Events, Go-Out Plug-In, Electronic Hunt, Raum. What do you think about the scene there and what would you change, if you could?

To be honest I think the scene is at it’s worse period so far: labels go bankrupt, cool producers  become prostitutes  of music for that small paycheck. As far as the crowd I think Cluj is rather ok, met  a lot of cool, colourfull people during these projects I was involved in. Problem is that I don’t see the direction of the scene, it’s so flexible and easy to drag around and influence.

Where do you find yourself in this more and more effervescent scene?

It’s hard to find yourself, the scene is like the core of an athom an we, the crowd, are spinning around it like  great electrons.

You have a few tracks. Are your still making tracks? What are your plans regarding production?

Nope I didn’t make a single footage for about a year now, was busy with my weekend residency at Raum so that kept me pretty much preocupied. My only plan for production in the future is harmony, I’m looking to achieve that in a track, had enough of drinking tee and coffe while listenning to obscure codes music.

Do you listen something else besides electronic music?

Yes I listen to people on bad drugs talking bullshit to me non-stop! :)) Things like: Play some Lady Gaga; It’s a shame that you are white you could be Carl Cox; “This is the bodyguard brigade from Bamboo make a cd with the music you play right now!” and of course the all time classic: Play some Mnml man !

Do you have some unusual hobbies, what are you doing to disconnect?

Yes my most unusual hobby is riding my bike and not getting a drivers license to drive something I could get girls with. I disconnect with my friends having beers, going out. Another hobby of mine is porn ! Enough sayed .

And now a question from a fan: Is this Voltaj?

Man I think it’s Calin’s voice so it has to be Voltaj. Yes !


Hipodrome Podcast 005 – Thommy

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