Hipodrome Podcast 008 – Alexander D’niel


The year 2010 was a good year, we started to do the podcast series and some events also, bringing artist like Mick Wills and Traxx and revealing mysterious cats like Das Komitee and Transilmania. Mostly we championed the Chicago sound in our podcast series, there was also some techno on the side and Italo in the middle.

Now we present the last podcast of 2010, a session from Alexander D’niel, a young artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. This podcast is an one hour length incursion in the berghain-esque sound.

Happy holidays and happy listening.


Please describe your podcast. What’s the idea behind it and did you succeed in fulfilling it?

The main idea of the podcast is to create a great mix from beginning to the end, passing through several stages or phases, to have dynamism.

One can hear in the mix a very big berghain-esque influence. Is this your main influence?

Yes it is. So much of my mixes and productions are influenced by Berghain. It is a sound that I would love to be able to get to.

How did you get in contact with this sound and what makes it so special for you?

I’ve been through many sounds, from hard techno, electro, minimal, house, always looking for a sound that identifies with me. Until I found Ben Klock’s “Subzero”, there I realized that sound was what I wanted for me.

Name some of your favorite djs/producers and how did they influenced you.

I have many names. Most of my influence on electronic music came from Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva, they were the first DJs I started to listen, when I was about 12 years old. Today I have great influences from: Ben Klock, Xhin, Jonas Kopp, Norman Bodge, Marcel Fengler, Robert Hood, Marcel Dettmann, among others.

You are a young dj from Argentina. What is your musical background and how did you stat your dj career?

I am in constant contact with music, with friends who show me their products or new release, so I do not know exactly what to say. I have a lot to learn, currently I have only 22 years. I don’t think more about how my career will look in the future, the important thing is to move forward.

In the past, 4-5 years ago, there were a lot of minimal-house coming from Argentina. How is the scene now? From where I’m standing the Argentinian scene it’s a little quiet now.

There are a variety of things now, considering that anyone today is a “dj” as they get software to easily mix, but it is varied, from techno to house, to minimal. With so many highlight is difficult for new people to come out. It is a little bit quiet, but the good stuff always runs under.

The electronic music business it grew in something like a big ocean that is full of fishes. Some good and some not so good. How do you see the electronic music scene and can you picture yourself in it?

I see it constantly evolving and that’s what I like about this. Now we have this and tomorrow we don’t know what we gonna have, but we know it will be something new. This is the thing that, at least for me personally, get’s me even more motivated in discover new things about the scene.

Recently came into my hands one of your mixes called “Testing all my tracks”.  Is this mix composed fully of your tracks?

Yes, this mix is testing some of my productions. I have around 16 tracks now, most of them aren’t mastered, but soon will be.

Do you have some releases out? What about some future plans, regarding this?

My first EP called “Geisterhaft” will be released on NuLabel, a netlabel from Spain, with two tracks “Geisterhaft” and “Under trykk”. Also I will have a track called “The Sign” released on a VA (various artist). 2011 is a year with many projects, including my first Live.

What do you know about Romania? Do you know some Romanian djs?

About Romania … I know that Dracula is living out there 😀 just kidding. I know very very little, but I would like to learn more because many people from Romania have heard my material on soundcloud.

Is there anything else you want to add or to transmit to our followers?

Keep listening to good music, always is a good time to do so. Keep your mind open, because electronic music is always evolving and there are still thousands of things ahead.

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Hipodrome Podcast 008 – Alexander D’niel

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