One comment on “Aroy Dee – LWE Podcast 72

  1. This LWE podcast is a special double mix, including an Aroy Dee’s DJ set taken from a Panorama Bar appearance and a fantastic live set from his R-A-G trio.

    LWE Podcast 72-1: Aroy Dee (94:52)

    01. R-A-G, “Beyond” (Slow) [M>O>S Deep]
    02. Cmetric, “Debris” [Applied Rhythmic Technology]
    03. Virgo, “All The Time” [Radical Records]
    04. Soulomon, “Nebula” (Formation Mix) [Recondite Records]
    05. Unknown artist, “52.3751472″ [Rush Hour Recordings]
    06. Audio Atlas, “Guatemalla” [Mathematics Recordings]
    07. MD III, “Take Me There” [Westside Records]
    08. Legowelt, “Police 303″ [M>O>S Recordings]
    09. Inner City, “Ahnonghay” [Music Man Records]
    10. Master C & J, “In The City” (Club Mix) [State Street Records]
    11. Paul Bennett, “Last Dance For Galaxian” [Modernista]
    12. The H-Men, “Scream” (Radio Mix) [Rockin’ House]
    13. 2 AM/FM, “Electronic Justice” [Spectral Sound]
    14. Julian Jonah, “Jealousy And Lies” [Cooltempo]
    15. Tevo Howard, “Move” [Hour House Is Your Rush Records]
    16. Steven Tang, “Glimmer” [Aesthetic Audio]
    17. DMC, “Set Free” [M>O>S Deep*]
    18. Aroy Dee, “Beauty” [white*]
    19. Reel by Real, “The Aftermath” (Remix) [10 Records]
    20. Caribou, “Bowls” [City Slang]
    21. Terrance McDonald, “Mind Over Matter” [Saber Records]
    22. Marcus Mixx, “House Flash Back” [Streetfire Records]
    23. 2 AM/FM, “Desolate Cities” [M>O>S Deep]
    24. Stick Men, “Entruder” [Clubhouse Records]
    25. Shake, “Frenchie” [Frictional Recordings]
    26. 2 AM/FM, “Werkin House” [Spectral Sound]
    27. R-A-G, “Energy” [M>O>S Deep]
    * denotes tracks which, as of the time of publishing, are unreleased

    LWE Podcast 72-2: R-A-G (34:50)

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