One thought on “Delta Funktionen – Talking Shopcast 10: Delsin

  1. Tracklist:
    01. Donato Dozzy, “Untitled” [Further Records]
    02. Unknown artist, “Revolution” [white]
    03. Iori, “Spaciotemporal” [Phonica White]
    04. Bleak, “Isolated” [Sudden Drop]
    05. Marcel Dettmann, “Captivate” [Ostgut Ton]
    06. Area Forty One, “Untitled” [*]
    07. Steve Poindexter, “Born To Freak” [Muzique Records]
    08. Photek, “Glamourama” [Virgin Records]
    09. Gesloten Cirkel, “Twisted Balloon” [Murder Capital]
    10. Mike Dehnert, “MD” [Fachwerk]
    11. Geeeman, “Computer Jackin’” [Clone Jack For Daze]
    12. 2 AM/FM, “Desolate Cities” [M>O>S Recordings]
    13. Unknown artist, “Lost Tracks” [white]

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