One thought on “Tevo Howard – ROOF.FM 44

  1. Tracklist:
    1. About Fourteen – Rick (Poppa) Howard {Beautiful Granville Records}***
    2. Manetta’s Fine Food – Stefano Testa (Tevo Howard’s Club Cut) {Rebirth Records}
    3. Crushed – Kris Wadsworth (Tevo Howard Remix) {NRK Music}
    4. Material – Tevo Howard {Hour House is Your Rush}
    5. What Is Noise? – Tevo Howard {Permanent Vacation Records}
    6. Data – Tevo Howard (Long Version) {Hour House is Your Rush}
    7. I Won’t Lay Back – Rick (Poppa) Howard (Underground Version) {Hour House is Your Rush}
    8. Functional Love – Tyrez {Dolly Records}
    9. Without Your Love – Rick (Poppa) Howard {Beautiful Granville Records}
    10. The Age of Compassion – Tevo Howard (House Mix) {Buzzin’ Fly Records}
    11. Foreinor – Tevo Howard {Permanent Vacation Records}
    12. Autumn Spell – Tevo Howard (September Mix) {Tevo Howard Recordings}***
    13. Technical Love – Tevo Howard {Dolly Records}
    14. Out the Projects -Tevo Howard {Beautiful Granville Records}
    15. Crazy Love – Tevo Howard {Rebirth Records}
    16. Yes You – Tevo Howard {Move Edit}***

    Release Note:
    This is a mix on the old technique turntables of some projects that I’ve worked on.
    *** Unreleased track notice (Release date to be determined by Tevo Howard Recordings.)

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