One thought on “Ryan Elliott – LWE Podcast 82

  1. Tracklist:
    01. Skudge, “Modular Storm” [Skudge Records]
    02. O/V/R, “Post Traumatic Son” (DVS1 Optimist Mix) [Blueprint]
    03. Szare, “Pressure” [Horizontal Ground]
    04. Donor, “Sude 4.1″ [Thema]
    05. The Express, “Bost” [STOK]
    06. The Express, “Host” [STOK]
    07. Contakt, “Not Forgotten” (Rolando Remix) [Local Action Records]
    08. Donor, “Sude 4.2″ [Thema]
    09. Lucy, “Kalachakra” (DVS1 Eyes Open Mix) [Prologue]
    10. Care Company, “Vol. 2-B” [Sense Music]
    11. Jeff Mills, “Strata” [Something In The Sky]
    12. The Sun God, “Return To Saturn” [Klang Elektronik]
    13. Drake & Griffiths, “The Devil’s Eyes” (Bleak’s Bêtte Noire Remix)
    [Fear Of Flying]
    14. Rio Padice, “Mission To Venus” [Tsuba Limited]
    15. Ben Sims, Phil Vernol & Rob Jarvis, “Killa Bite 1-B1″ [Killa Bite]
    16. User, “User 4-A2″ [User]
    17. Robert Hood, “The Family” [M Plant]
    18. WK7, “Higher Power” [Power House]
    19. EQD, “Equalized #004-B” [Equalized]
    20. Rolando, “The Afterlife” [Saved Records]

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