Gavin Russom – Night Sky [DFA2289]

DFA Records presents “Night Sky”, a track that grows and grown into an 13 minutes odyssey. The buzzy bottom end enters and expands before Russom’s vocals – alleyway dark and mysterious – make their way in. The song dips and dives, going from barebones synthesizers resting on organic percussion to explosive vocal choruses. The end reunites nearly every sound that made a previous appearance in an ensemble of ecstatic rhythms and noise. Mutant Beat Dance aka Beau Wanzer & Melvin Oliphant III, undo the original and transform it. There are so many new elements to be found here – a thick bassline, shuffling beat, wiry electro etchings, eerie washes of synths that swell unexpectedly and unannounced – it all makes for a collection of sounds that, thankfully, are head swimming in their unique and wonderful unpredictability.


Gavin Russom – Night Sky [DFA2289]

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