One thought on “Robert Hood – CLR Podcast 133

  1. Tracklist:
    1. Floorplan ‘Wall To Wall’ (M-plant)
    2. Lee J Malcolm ‘OneStar/ Applicant James Ruskin remix’ (EPM Music)
    3. Ben Sims ‘Reject 2’ (Hardgroove)
    4. Floorplan ‘We Magnify His Name’ (M-Plant)
    5. Gary Martin ‘Subterranean Substance – Deetron remix’ (Teknotika)
    6. Nic Fanciulli ‘Materia – Robert Hood remix’ – unreleased
    7. Scooz – promo
    8. James Ruskin ‘Work – Steve Rachmad remix’ (Blueprint)
    9. Sebastian Kramer ‘Inside The Core’ (Pure Plastic)
    10. Joey Beltram ‘Energy Flash’ (R&S)
    11. Mark Broom & James Ruskin ‘No Time Too Soon’ (Blueprint)
    12. Plastikman ‘Spastik – Dubfire remix’ (Plus 8 )
    13. Agent Wood ‘UK Gold’ (Primate)
    14. Robert Hood ‘Minimal, Minimal’ (M-Plant)
    15. Robert Hood ‘Range’ (M-Plant)
    16. Robert Hood – unreleased
    17. Oliver Ho ‘Silver – Damon Wild remix’ (Sequential)
    18. DJ Pierre & Green Velvet ‘Acid Trax – original 2011 mix’ (Afro Acid)
    19. Robert Hood ‘The Family’ (M-Plant)
    20. Italo Boyz ‘Zinga’ (Get Physical)
    21. Ben Sims – Hardgroove promo
    22. Floorplan – unreleased
    23. Ben Sims ‘Dollar Bil Y’all / Version’ (Hardgroove)
    24. Sebastian Kramer ‘Tomorrow’ (Pure Plastic)
    25. Robert Hood ‘Clash’ (M-Plant)
    26. Kevin Saunderson ‘Inside Out’ (Fragile)
    27. Armando ‘100% Of Dissin You’ (Warehouse)
    28. Robert Hood – unreleased

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