One comment on “Rod Modell – LWE Podcast 113

  1. Tracklist::
    01. Brock Van Way, “I Knew Happiness Once” (Intrusion Mix)
    [echospace [detroit]]
    02. Intrusion, “Reflection” (Atheus Reshape) [echospace [detroit]]
    03. Blir, “Untitled” [Raster-Noton]
    04. Joel Tammik, “Sume” [U-Cover]
    05. Sub Made, “To Be Different” [Koax Records]
    06. Koss/Henrikson/Mullaert, “One” [Mule Electronic]
    07. Intrusion, “Seduction” [echospace [detroit]]
    08. Oliver Deutschmann, “Alfama” [Vidab Records]
    09. Quantec “Yage” [Echocord]
    10. DeepChord, “Oude Kerk” [Soma Quality Recordings]
    11. Mike Huckaby + Pacou, “Echo Mix” [Cache Records]
    12. Andy Stott, “Hostile” [Modern Love]
    13. Claro Intelecto, “W6″ [Modern Love]
    14. DeepChord, “Tangier” [Soma Quality Recordings]
    15. Undr-P, “Bicycle Frontal” [Koax Records]
    16. Vita, “Porsl” [Force Inc. Music Works]
    17. Vasily, “Neuralgia” [Rampe D]
    18. Vita, “Amin” [Force Inc. Music Works]
    19. Mike Dehnert, “Two” [Fachwerk]
    20. Marko Furstenberg, “Rosengarten” [Thinner]
    21. Claudia Bonarelli, “Avenue” [Mitek]
    22. Claro Intelecto, “Dependant” [Modern Love]
    23. Blir, “Untitled” [Raster-Noton]
    24. Intrusion, “Tswana Dub” (Brendon Moeller Mix) [echospace [

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