One comment on “Ron Morelli – Talking Shopcast 15

  1. Tracklist: (largely as provided by Morelli)
    01. Stinky Steve & Ron, “Intro”
    02. Jahilyya Fields, “White Cabbage” [L.I.E.S.*]
    03. Svengalisghost, “Mars Out of Range” [L.I.E.S.]
    04. some Chain Reaction record
    05. some record by a guy from Chicago
    06. Tevo Howard, “Arena” [Tevo Howard Recordings]
    07. Bigod 20, “Body to Body (An Afternoon Of Aggression)”
    [Techno Drome International]
    08. some beat track
    09. Kevin Reynolds, “Liaisons” [Nsyde Music]
    10. some Jersey shit
    11. Marcus Mixx, “Do You Love Me” [super nasty bootleg version]
    12. Circuit, “Release The Tension” (tape version) [4th & Broadway]
    13. Hammon Decks, “Disgo” [Running Back]
    14. some Baltimore tape version shit
    15. some deep New York house shit
    16. some remix of some stuff from a couple years ago

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