Elitechnique – Intrusion [CLSS009]

Elitechnique is back with Intrusion, a 8 track ep. The pair (Remco de Jong aka Phako and Florentijn Boddendijk) find an ongoing source of inspiration in disco and electronic obscurities as we’ve learned from their previous releases (which have been played and charted by all the big names in modern disco), but combine this with their fascination for the great 60’s and 70’s soundtracks! The result is a timeless imaginary sound track that adds sex and intrigue to their music and unleashed from the chains of dancefloor productions. On this Intrusion album they take freedom to play around with atmosphere intensity and tension without only focussing about a dancefloor. Both being skilled producers and musicians the result is an album extraordinaire with all instruments and music played, recorded and arranged by themselfs over a period of more then a year!


Elitechnique – Intrusion [CLSS009]

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