Alex Israel – LWE Podcast 133




01. Snd, “08:22:61″ (AMI 06:44:79 Edit) [Raster-Noton]
02. Codine, “Expandalator” (Patrick Russell’s Contractalator Remix)
[Blank Artists]
03. Vedomir, “Forks, Knives and Spoons” [Dekmantel]
04. Petar Dundov, “Sparkling Stars” [Music Man Records]
05. Delano Smith, “The Exploration” [Third Ear Recordings]
06. Redshape, “Dead Space Mix” (Edit) [Delsin]
07. Hunee, “Folga” [Future Times]
08. Shawn O’Sullivan, “Unarmed” (WT Records)
09. Svengalisghost, “Marathon” [Long Island Electrical Systems]
10. James Cotton, “My Zel” [Spectral Sound]
11. Entro Senestre, “Sun High” [Echovolt Records]
12. Alex Israel, “Angulas” [*]
13. Specter, “Short Stack” [Altered Moods Recordings]
14. Ron Trent & Chez Damier, “Morning Factory” (Dubplate) [Prescription]
15. Alex Israel, “She Is So Nice” [Night Gallery*]
16. Kashif, “Rumors” [Arista]
17. Boxcutter, “Zabriskie Disco” [Planet Mu]
18. Alan Braxe & Fred Falke, “Palladium” [Vulture Music]
19. N.Y. House’n Authority, “Window Guards” [Nu Groove Records]
20. Audio Atlas, “Guatemalla” [Mathematics Recordings]
21. Elizabeth Merrick-Jefferson, “Bubo Blakistoni” [*]
22. Steve Moore, “Panther Moderns” [Long Island Electrical Systems]
23. Kevin Reynolds, “Instruction” (Love What You Feel)
24. CL Dawkins with Lavell Williams, “Untitled” [*]

Alex Israel – LWE Podcast 133

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