Coughy – Coughy [LCL012] FREE DOWNLOAD

The concept of Coughy was to be an exact opposite of clinging to one particular sound or a tedious rehearsal of prior established songs. Improvisation, spontaneity, obscure cultural influences and a complete and reciprocal trust were to be the principles of this project, and a strong live visual input provided by the visual artist Color Nurse (Irina Stanciulescu). The result, often unpredictable even to the protagonists, associates freely drones and rhythms, noise and harmony, digital and analog, atmospheric and psychedelic, pop and experiment.

After appearing with the track ‘Precambrian’ on the BuzzRO 2011 compilation curated by Bucharest-based label Local Records, Coughy receives the offer of releasing a full-lenght material under the same label. In the summer of 2012, the duo enters the studio to record a 6 hour non-stop session of improv with themes collected from their prior performances. The meticulously edited result represents the eponymous debut LP which will be released online on the Local Records label on the 13th of September of the same year.



Coughy – Coughy [LCL012] FREE DOWNLOAD

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