Sir Leon Greg – Warehouse Classics #1 [WAR001]

Warehouse Classics Vol.1 holds 4 killer tracks going from obscure disco to new wave, first popularized at the Music Box and rarely heard anywhere else. Sir Leon Greg (another incarnation of Perseus Traxx) jams out then reinforces some edits of forgotten classics with a raw & personal analogue treatment for a devastating full effect on the dance floor, that is a far cry from the proliferation of over-produced squeaky-clean software edits. These are basic, raw ideas thrown down quickly and capturing the energy on 1/4” tape before moving on to the next set of sounds. Musically, it’s as delightfully funky and uncomplicated as you’d expect, a mesh of disco tracks and heavy, effect laden, machine-funk.


Sir Leon Greg – Warehouse Classics #1 [WAR001]

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