Call Super – No Episode [TOB029]

Call Super is an outlet for hallucinatory club music. Swaying from the lean and muscular edges of techno, to the fractured palette of electronica and rough electro his productions share a tendency towards the live and informal. Now Call Super emerges with two tracks that comprise No Episode EP on New York’s Throne of Blood. Both tracks are then responded to, the former by Madteo, the latter by John Heckle. “No Fun” is a grinding bass-heavy groover rooted by its warehouse techno stomp and embellished with trippy melodic flourishes. Queens-based bass producer Madteo takes the original and recasts it in his singularly buggedout, broken and lo-fi style. “No Fool” is a storming dancefloor sureshot awash in noise and menace. For his relick, UK house upstart John Heckle amplifies the original’s halucinogenic circularity into a swirling monster of warped arpeggios and flying cymbals.


Call Super – No Episode [TOB029]

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