Lucretio – Harvesting EP [MSP003]

LUCRETIO - Harvesting EP

Machines State Polymers is back with another ferocious mixture of techno-filtered, house power. Lucretio gives us his third release for the label and furthers his explorations into the relationship between machines and sounds. His improvisational and ultra-minimalistic approach to constructing techno, not to mention the strict reliance on analogue hardware, have created an inimitable flare and familiarity to his tracks. The A side kicks off with a pumping, bass-driven groove which subtly evolves to become a relentless house bomb; followed smoothly by the sharp, quick-firing sample technique for which Lucretio is so well known for, on the A2. Over on the flipside, a desolate female vocal is pushed forward by a murky, tape-hissed percussion which is rapidly engulfed into a frantic whirlpool of ghostly synths and crispy effects. Finally, “Your Name” switches things up and breaks down the more familiar 4/4 territories into a twisted, half-stepping monster, complete with Lucretio’s trademark drumming style – raw, sparse and crunchy.


Lucretio – Harvesting EP [MSP003]

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