Legowelt – XLR8R Podcast 275

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01 Earthwatch “Computer Hobby”
02 Legowelt “Skyscrapers of Apsylon”
03 Shadow Wolf “Harbor Coldness”
04 MC Mony & Gangsta Gold “Load the Ammo” (Lite Green)
05 Legowelt “Danger in the Air” (Clone)
06 Nacho Patrol “Nubian West Coast” (New Jersey)
07 Legowelt “How I Live”
08 Legowelt “A Greater Understanding of the Universe”
09 Legowelt “Outside of Time”
10 Legowelt “And the Beat Goes On”
11 Legowelt “NYDaze”
12 Trackman Lafonte & Bonquiqui “San Jose”
13 Legowelt “Wayfaring Stranger”
14 Legowelt “Entrance to Avalon”
15 Legowelt “I Only Move for U” (Clone)
16 Legowelt “Creation 5” (Clone)
17 Legowelt “Visions in My Mind” (Unknown to the Unknown)
18 Guicee “Thirteen Rocks and a Bag’o Weed”
19 G-Float 95 “Freebase Holiday”
20 Xosar “Classical Death Core”

Legowelt – XLR8R Podcast 275

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