Levon Vincent – LWE Podcast 149


01. Mark Enestus, “Meets BBC” [Honest Jon’s Records]
02. Shifted, “Trouble” [Mote Evolver]
03. Ryo Murakami, “Night Dew” [Baud]
04. Vtothed, “NYE Space Session” [white]
05. Radio Slave, “RJ” [Running Back]
06. Brothers Vibe, “Because Of You Dub” [Jersey Underground]
07. Manzel, “Manzel #001″ [Manzel]
08. Marcel Dettmann, “Push” [Ostgut Ton]
09. Prince of Denmark, “To the 50 Engineers” [Giegling Staub]
10. Unknown artist, “???”
11. DJ Qu, “In This Society” [Strength Music]
12. DJ Qu, “Circuits” [Strength Music]
13. Los Niños “DIRTY”
14. Dario Zenker, “Works” [Vakant]
15. Gkahn, “Weird And Radical” [Semantica Records]
16. New World Aquarium, “Energy” [New Religion]
17. Minstry, “All Day”


Levon Vincent – LWE Podcast 149

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