The Exaltics – Das Heise Experiment [AACIDLP002]

The Exaltics have been rippin’-up the acid vibes for some time now, gathering momentum from the efforts and hard work of imprints such as Solar One Music, Transient Force, Last Known Trajectory, Bunker and Panzerkreuz and of course more recently Crème Organization, Trust and our friends at Abstract Acid. As such, the time has come for a full-length acid project, entitled ‘Das Heise Experiment’ which originates from The Exaltics’ desire to take things a notch deeper, while pushing the acid a step into more menacing and quite devilish territory. For those that appreciate such dastardly dark styles, well, you will not be disappointed with this album. Coarse acid coupled with sublime soundscapes and ubiquitously haunting melodies make for the perfect combination.


The Exaltics – Das Heise Experiment [AACIDLP002]

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