Cosmin TRG – XLR8R Podcast 292

listen / download / download2 Tracklist: 01 Unknown “Untitled” 02 Moire “Lose It (Actress Remix)” (Werkdiscs/Ninja Tune) 03 IAMTHATIAM “Vibrations & Harmonies 11” (Music from Mathematics) 04 Auto Repeat “Def Jam” (SSR) 05 Acid Jesus “Uraniumsmuggle” (Klang Electronik) 06 Cosmin TRG “Semipresent” (50Weapons) 07 Beroshima “Bushido” (Muller) 08 Interflow “Mains ON” (KYR) 09 Unknown “Untitled” 10 Subtractive Synthesis “Police” (Synewave) 11 Vereker “Rosite” (L.I.E.S.) 12 Girls of the Internet “Untitled” 13 Jeff Mills “The Hand Is Faster Than the Eye” 14 Cosmin TRG “Desire Is Sovereign” (50Weapons) 15 Simon Haydo “Track 06” (DEM) 16 Norman Nodge “NN 8.0” (Marcel Dettmann) 17 Rrose “23 Lashes” (EAUX)
Cosmin TRG – XLR8R Podcast 292

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