VA – Mosaic Reshaped & Unreleased [SUSH023]

A long-overdue reappraisal of Steve O’ Sullivan’s efforts as a producer is underway with this bumper release from Sushitech. Collating the myriad aliases of the Mosaic boss and drawing on some on his co-conspirators such as Mark Ambrose and Jorge Zamacona, this triple vinyl beast of a package is overflowing with high-grade house music powered with the attitude of techno. There’s a classic feel to all the tracks here as they carry the torch for Basic Channel and the original dub techno ethos, but attaching the spacious, mysterious tones to a funkier template. That possibly oversimplifies the majestic quality to this breed of techno, but then of course the devil is in the details.


VA – Mosaic Reshaped & Unreleased [SUSH023]

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