DJ Sprinkles – Where Dancefloors Stand Still [MM158]

Who knows better about revealing emotions on the dancefloor then Terre Thaemlitz worldwide known writer, public speaker, multimedia producer, dj, audio producer, and head honcho of Comatonse Recordings. His deep house alias DJ Sprinkles began life in the gay clubs of midtown Manhattan and New Jersey in the late eigthies and early nineties a time when deep house began to take air. The mix grooves with DJ Sprinkles’ trippy mixing signature that playfully melts tracks who are built of flying piano notes, arresting tactile basslines, straight kicking drums, and magnetic layered samples. a deeply cathartic piece of a DJ mix that transforms dancing into a ritual in which dancers do rhythmic body painting that amalgamtes the indivual identity into a collective.


DJ Sprinkles – Where Dancefloors Stand Still [MM158]

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