DJ Hyperactive – 25 Hours [DROID017]

Droid Recordings presents a new 12″ from DJ Hyperactive, whose jacking Chicago sound has evolved over the years into a deeper sound that maintains his signature infectious drive. On “25 Hours,” an undulating, bassy synth line builds into the machine-voiced partier’s dream of “25 hours in a day,” before the track takes off with neck-breaking snare and clap combos and proceeds to rebuild. Raíz pulls the track from the depths to deliver something more brash and energetic. There’s more at play here, with the 3-note riff tweaked throug the track’s duration, and the words “25” looped through a series of insistent, smashing snares. In the final mix, newcomer Markus Sucket follows his recent remixes of Xhin and Pfirter with an unexpected and idiosyncratic interpretation. Tonal elements are drawn into the lower registers, while the vocal sample slithers around the mix. The syncopated elements of the original surface with in an alternative mode, dark and driving.


DJ Hyperactive – 25 Hours [DROID017]

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