Andy Ash / Circular Rhythms – Dub 2 [SCN003]

A heavy lead rhythm provides the foundation from which spiralling elements project. They coruscate, pulse with light and collapse inwards, until just the echoes of Dub2 are left. Rising from these depths, the sharpness of Distribution Theorys crisp hi-hats and snapping claps provide forward momentum to a series of stabs. The house element. Beginning as a mystery but ending as a certainty, the ethereal theme that opens Untitled Document gives way as it increases velocity, shaking and rattling under the strain. The apex. Hands reach, seeking, The elusive moment has already passed, all left is pure. Bliss. Circumflex kicks hard, a final statement of intent. Powerful. Corrosive. This is late night techno, played over a system on which the squelching acid-lines converge within the mind. The body jacks.


Andy Ash / Circular Rhythms – Dub 2 [SCN003]

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