JTC – Leisure Mix #21



Omar-S – Psychotic Photosynthesis B
Omar-S – Psychotic Photosynthesis A
Rude Boy Science – Black Man’s Techno (dubbin version)
Bufiman – Bufi To Body
Polysick – Rubber Beard (JTC remix)(forthcoming on MinimalRome Label)
Charles Manier – Bopside (for Chrislo and Beate) (forthcoming on Nation)
Unit Moebius – Chicken Pop
Beau Wanzer – Balls Of Steel (forthcoming on L.I.E.S.)
2AMFM – Biological Interference (unreleased)
John Heckle – Meaning Potential
JTC – Alpha Helix (forthcoming on Spectral Sound)
Patrice Scott – Oberon
Alis – Azimuth (D’Marc Cantu Mix)
Spekter – Pipe Bomb
Fingers – Ecstasy
Alton Miller – Positive Force (Original_Mix)
Mike Huckaby – The Tresor EP – 3 – The Upstairs Lounge
Jovonn – Garage Shelter (Original_Mix)
Larry Heard – Dance 2000 – 08 – Calm To Panic
The Vision – Spectral Nomad
LY – King Street Deep Mix (Next Moov Mix)
Psychic TV – short sharp JTC edit FINAL
Theo Parrish – Feel Free to be Who You Need to Be
Larry Heard – Psychotic Fantasy
2AMFM – Fusion Daze (unreleased)
Mutant Beat Dance – Another World
2AMFM – Beyond Instinct (forthcoming on Nation)
Atom Heart – Little Grey Box – Original Mix
Jason Potratz – transfer (JTC edit)


JTC – Leisure Mix #21

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