Gerstaffelen – The Old Villagers [MOSDEEP017]

GERSTAFFELEN - The Old Villagers

Mysterious producer Gerstaffelen here debuts on Dutch label MOS Deep with The Old Villagers, a four track EP of grainy analogue house. The title track opens things up at a mid tempo house pace. It’s a dense, multi-layered track with plenty of squiggly synths, bobbling analogue basslines and radiant pads. ‘Game On Major’ is slightly more frenzied, with dusty hi hats looping over fairly frenzied synth sounds and some hints of acid are buried deep within this hazy sound world. ‘Little Green Munchkin Men’ gets even more unhinged and techno leaning with the sounds of various analogue machines all meshing together into a nebulous brew of off killer melody and curious metal hooks, before last track ‘When The Mind Stops’ brings a bit of raw old school house flavour to the table. The beats jack, some muffled vocals add an important human element and like everything on the EP the track invites you to lose your shit in the most beguiling of ways.


Gerstaffelen – The Old Villagers [MOSDEEP017]

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