VA – Data Courier [SRT156]

The transmission of deep sonic intelligence begins here. Drivetrain’s (Detroit, USA) “Digital Toy Box” beckons the listener to participate in audio pleasure as the melodious introduction offers an enchanting Wonderland followed by the deep-tech rhythm and throaty vocal sample escort to a sensual playground of sound. Motomitsu (Paris, France) reaches out to Soiree Records from his native Japan via Paris with “L’emotion Revoltee.” Joining the countries together with a call of action through a powerful dynamic clap marching through chanting vocals to create a crescendo of musical rebellion. Blackjack’s (Aberdeen, Scotland) “LV-427” brings his prowness once again as pressing beats grab hold, beginning a smooth ride over a solid terrain kissed with voice and sweet effects driving a late night journey. “Beatz” is the Soiree debut from Dax Inc (Rome, Italy), Dario Lotti and Simone Gatto. Heating the tempo with throbbing bass and a merciless wall of hard-hitting syncopation, this commanding duo profoundly announce their arrival.


VA – Data Courier [SRT156]

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