Hooved – Timeless EP [AMAMHVD001]


Gaetano Vinci a.k.a. Hooved has been one of the most dependable producers on AMAM over the years, and more recently, his sound has mutated in some unexpected directions. Thats why its high time to give our knob- twiddling satyr his own special catalog code from now on, and here we present amamhvd001, or for those of you who prefer titles instead of strings of letters and numbers, the Timeless EP, his first 12inch of the year. The near-15-minute TMLSS 1 begins with a 2-step beat, and as it unfolds, the beats only get more broken, causing a sense of auditory psychosis while somehow remaining calm, cool and collected


Hooved – Timeless EP [AMAMHVD001]

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