Delta Funktionen in Hipodrom @ Bohemian Flow (Sibiu) 09.11.2013


Δ November 9th, 2013, Hipodrome 4 Years Anniversary, Bohemian Flow Pub (Sibiu, Romania)

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Δ Delta Funktionen (Delsin, Ann Aimee / NL)

Niels Luinenburg has been releasing music as Delta Funktionen since 2008. For several years before that, though, he worked in an underground vinyl store in the northern part of his native Holland. It was there that he tuned into, and began to be influenced by, rare early Detroit techno and Chicago house pressings before finally getting infected to the point of needing to contribute to the electronic music community in his own right.

Content to go about his business quietly, the Dutchman now spins a genre-defiant blend of Detroit techno, Chicago-licked house, crafty old school electro and sparkling Italo disco at clubs like fabric, Trouw, The Bunker and Berghain/Panorama Bar… “My DJing is all about serious fun” says the man who gained notoriety recently thanks to a powerful warm-up set ahead of techno hero Jeff Mills. Though that night saw him adapt ably to the situation, normal headline gigs for Delta Funktionen are about showcasing a wide variety of electronic sounds, with each one designed for maximum dance floor demolition.

In terms of productions, there has been a recent shift away from the conceptual offerings of his Electromagnetic Radiation releases and the stern techno seriousness of underground hits like his Silhouette EP and Setup Series on Delsin and Ann Aimee respectively. The results can best be heard on his debut Delsin album, Traces, which covers a lot of ground – and not all of it completely focused on the dancefloor. With one eye on the past and two feet firmly stamping forward, it touches on everything from house to acid to techno to electro. In other words, it contains traces of everything that has gotten him to where he is today…

Δ Alexandru Jijian (Chameleon / Bucuresti)

Alexandru is an old friend of ours and a DJ with a strong and already long background in Bucharest’s underground scene. You can find him playing at big events sharing the DJ booth with big names like Jeff Mills, Miss Kittin, Luciano, Chris Liebing, Apparat, Cristian Varela or playing at underground parties alongside Levon Vincent, Nina Kraviz, John Heckle, Marcellus Pittman and just recently Marcel Dettmann and Kyle Hall.

Enough said, get ready for some serious fun!

Delta Funktionen in Hipodrom @ Bohemian Flow (Sibiu) 09.11.2013

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