Gerry Read – LWE Podcast 182





01. Blake Baxter, “Your All” (I-mix) [Disko B]
02. Markey, “Bounce” [Cajual Records]
03. Unknown, “Unknown” [white]
04. Los Hermanos, “Son Dos” [Los Hermanos]
05. —TRELIK—
06. DJ QU, “Everybody’s Dark” [Soul People Music]
08. J. Dahlbäck, “Untitled” [Svek]
09. Jeff Mills, “Cubango” [Purpose Maker]
10. J. Dahlbäck, “Untitled” [Svek]
11. Cari Lekebusch, “Moving Style” [DJUPT]
12. Unknown, “Unknown” [White]
13. Mike Dehnert, “Rootstalk” [Deeply Rooted House]
14. Kyle Hall, “Dunk Jiggla” [Wild Oats]
15. Mike Dehnert, “The March” [Deeply Rooted House]
16. J.DB, “Untitled” [?]
17. Paul Johnson, “It’s a Love Thang” [International House Records]
18. Cheek, “Venus” (Pepe Bradock’s Saucy Precog Remix) [BBE]
19. F, “Untitled” [FABUX001T]
20. Soul Parlor, “Sounds” [Sense Music]
21. Studio 54, Vol 1 [BCC Music]
22. Unknown, “Unknown” [white]
23. Gerry Read, “Crawlspace” [Delsin]
24. Bernard Badie, “Time Reveals” [Mojuba]
25. Joe Lewis, “Separate Ways” [Relief Records]
26. Moloko, “Sing it Back” (Herbert’s Tasteful Dub) [F-111 Records]
27. Hieroglyphic Being, “The Sound Of Music” [Mathematics Recordings]
28. Robert Hood, “Unknown” [?]
29. Pop Rocks, “Oh Get Down” [Acid]
30. Gemini, “Festival” [Relief Records]
31. Los Hermanos, “Birth of 3000″ [Los Hermanos]

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Gerry Read – LWE Podcast 182

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