Simoncino – For My Father EP [CR1270]

Simoncino makes his debut on Creme Organization with five suitably esoteric house offerings. Two of the inclusions, Interval I and Interval II, are serene ambient pieces that showcase this Italians serious synth-scaping skills, whilst the other three are gorgeously romantic and nostalgic house tracks made for the more sensitive dancefloors out there. Tape 1 is the meanest, with a growling bassline and splashes of loose-limbed percussion, where Tape II is much more uplifting owing to the celestial patterns that twinkle above muggy and muddled Chicago drums. Tape III is downbeat and melancholic thanks to the subdued, rubbery bassline, but more golden pads light up the thing with plenty of very real, cautiously optimistic emotions. This is house music to take you to another world entirely, and it’s a fine place to be.


Simoncino – For My Father EP [CR1270]

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