Casey Tucker – Know 2/2 [KNOE2/2]

After the success of Casey’s first chapter on For Those That Knoe, he returns with three more liquid techno tracks, unearthed from his 90s archive. Two unreleased pieces are pressed alongside an absolutely rare deep gem from the Fine Balance vaults. ‘Tanita’ is bright and melancholic bringing its phased soaring pads and slippery acid funk. Yet again Casey delivers a unique take on Techno, shattering those preconceptions of the genre’s dark and moody melodies with warmth, swing and harmony. The flip sees ‘Stratosphere’, a drop down into the abyss with a haunting lead, moody pads and a squelchy arpeggiated synth. The track speaks through the pure emotion of the harmonies Casey creates; able to tell a number of stories through his melody. The B2 plays host to a perhaps more stereotypical 90s style tech house track. The chord stabs and intrinsic delay patterns of ‘Secret Desire’s breathe funk over swinging rimshots and sizzling hi hats. The track sets itself apart from most 90s tracks with clever arrangements, an unpredictable but bumping bass line and some fine live work on the synths and groove boxes.


Casey Tucker – Know 2/2 [KNOE2/2]

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