Carlos Nilmmns – B.l.u.e. [LAXC003]

For this new  release serie, we decided to bring you guys a regular member of the crew & one fo the most talented producer : Carlos Nilmmns. Indeed, the man is back on Skylax. The Scottish producers skills again ranging from soundtrack to dirty machine funk. Songs such as “Brooklyn Walk” and “Moments Of Happiness” demonstrate time and time again why many critics are calling him the next Lalo Schifrin. “Raw Tape Cuts” and “I Thought I Had You” take things onto the dance floor. The listener is greeted by a healthy range of classic machine workouts and Nilmmns signature old school technique’s. “Gwen’s Song” captures moments of Paris and the good times. “Soul patrol” track contains elegant synth work and beautiful live keys which kind of reminds one of Drexciya or music from The other peoples place. “106” shows hardware programming at its finest with lush sounds creating warm fuzzy moments perfect for the warm weather.


Carlos Nilmmns – B.l.u.e. [LAXC003]

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