Gunnar Haslam – LWE Podcast 186




01. Max Loderbauer, “Gamshag” [Non Standard Productions]
02. Various Artists, “6″ [Chain Reaction]
03. Planetary Assault Systems, “Tap Dance” [Peacefrog]
04. Gunnar Haslam, “Kohle (beats)” [L.I.E.S.]*
05. Claro Intelecto, “Hunt You Down” [Modern Love]
06. Vladislav Delay, “Neo” [Max Ernst]
07. nsi., “Dual” [Non Standard Productions]
08. Norman Nodge, “Homology” [Marcel Dettmann Records]
09. Levon Vincent, “Early Reflections [Novel Sound]
10. Mike Dehnert, “Deep Route” [Deeply Rooted House]
11. Conforce, “Vacuum” [Delsin]
12. Sounders Department, Cosmopolitan (mix 2)” [Sounders Department]
13. Photek, “Glamourama” [Science]
14. Damon Wild, “Avion” [Synewave]
15. Studio 1, “Rot 1″ [Studio 1]
16. Pantytec, “Doubledip Uuh..” [Perlon]
17. Jasper, “The Battle” [Force Inc.]
18. Robert Hood, “Side Effects” [Music Man]
19. Nuel, “Aquaplano ltd 01 b2″ [Aquaplano]
20. Circuit Breaker, “Overkill (F.U. +8)” [Probe Records]
21. AFX, “Boxing Day” [Rephlex]
22. Sandwell District, “Grey Cut Out” [Sandwell District]
23. Autechre, “Basscadet (Bcdtmx)” [Warp]
24. Entro & Terri, “The Cap” [L.I.E.S.]
* denotes tracks which, at the time of publishing, were unreleased

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Gunnar Haslam – LWE Podcast 186

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